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About us

     Midwest Monarchs was created by hunters for hunters.  Our mission statement is, all hunters, whether experienced or new to the sport, should be afforded the opportunity to harvest a quality Whitetail or Trophy Tom.  All of our hunting properties are free range and fair chase.  We have acquired hundreds of acres in an area of the country that is known for big Whitetails and an abundance of Turkey.  North Central Missouri is a "silent giant" when it comes to Whitetails and consistently ranks in the top 10 for B&C Entries. Additionally, all of our representatives are military veterans with a passion for the men and women who are out there every day in harms way, defending our nation and enabling us to enjoy the freedom of being able to provide a quality experience for all hunters.  Due to our stringent wildlife management practices and our desire to provide our clients with a quality hunting experience we allow a limited number of hunters on our farms each year. We have antler restrictions (4 point minimum on one side) on all of our farms for several years making these hunts extremely popular and as a result book quickly months in advance.  Consequently, our properties receive very light hunting pressure and it is not unusual to see numerous deer on any given day.  All clients are responsible for purchasing their personal hunting permits and providing their personal hunting equipment and are required to comply with the Missouri hunting regulations. We encourage all clients to harvest a doe if the opportunity arises. 


     We are located in North/Central Missouri just south of the Iowa line. We have several hundred acres spread over three counties.    Kansas City is the nearest major Airport and is located approximately 2.5 hours from our hunting properties.  As stated earlier, our properties are presently located in three counties all of which the Missouri Fish and Game Dept. has imposed antler restrictions.  These antler restrictions combined with the genetics of the animals, plentiful food source (row crops) and terrain in this area provide the potential for deer to reach better than average size.  A 200 lbs + live weight buck is not uncommon.   The rut in this area is generally around the middle of November.  This is the most sought after time frame so it is booked quickly - months in advance. 

General Information

     Clients are responsible for game care unless it is discussed with us when booking your hunt.  There are several meat processors in the area and we will gladly recommend one to you. Midwest Monarchs will make every attempt to satisfy the needs of every client - that's our job!  Special requests not outlined in our web-site will require additional pre-hunt coordination which may increase standard hunt package costs.  Generally archery season runs mid Sept to mid Nov and is followed by gun season for 10 days and then muzzle loader for ten days with another segment of archery from late Nov through mid Jan.  The cost of hunting permits varies with the type of weapon utilized and whether the client is a resident or non-resident.  These costs are very reasonable compared to other states and are sold "over the counter" in Missouri.  However, dates and prices for hunting permits vary each year so click here to obtain the most recent regs.

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